A New Website is Born. This Website Shall Perish. Hail is Heaven’s Hard Rain

Unchaining The Titan is dead.

It has served me well as a platform for my creative endeavors for the past three years and more, but the time has come where it has become limiting and has outlived its usefulness.

I have set up a new website to serve as the focal point of my own writing and graphic designs, and which will also sport the occasional piece of guest content from some of the many awesome folk I’ve met and swapped ideas with since the beginning of this adventure.

I encourage you all to check out the new website at http://www.woodkern.net, subscribe to the newsletter, check out the material which is there, share it around, and please do get in touch with any feedback or comments for discussion.

To those of you who have been with me on this path, I thank you for your company and look forward to your continuing support over at WOODKERN, where the Great Work and the Holy Purpose shall continue afresh with more scope for growth.

Unchaining The Titan will live on for a few more weeks until the migration to WOODKERN is complete, at which point it will be eradicated from the annals of history entirely. So check out the content while you still can, as much of it will not be migrated to the new site.

If you will permit me to speak mythically for one last time:

It is necessary that we must destroy that which has outlived its purpose in the holy flames of sacrifice, to create the ashes with which we will fertilize the earth so that it may be receptive to fresh insemination which will lead to the birth and growth of previously unknown life.

Hail is Heaven’s hard rain. It falls as a stone and strips away dead branches. It cuts down crops and leaves them slain in the fields. But in the sun it melts and waters the soil.



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