The Massacre on Lake Dragonmouth 

Come gather close before me

Come gather all around

And hear my tale of bloodshed

On old Lake Dragonmouth 

Where four and twenty fighting men

Were butchered to the last

By one old crooked Horseman 

And one heartbroken lass


In the town of Red Crow Mountain

There lived a soldier man

Who trod the deserts horseback

And conquered foreign lands

He was a handsome fellow

And spoke with easy charm

But when he sipped his liquor

His tongue did dreadful harm


He scorned a pretty farm girl

Who roamed the moors at night

Cavorting with strange travelers

None saw by daylight 

The soldier sang his battlehymns

Beneath a drunken moon

And met with the Black Horseman

And thus began his doom


That old crooked dragoon

He was often seen by night

Riding hot on country roads

Howling free and wild

He broke the back of those he met

And there they died alone

From the crack of his old horse-whip

Made of human bone


They say he killed a thousand 

Men and women too

No child nor dog was safe 

On open roads beneath the moon

Whole towns at rest would wake

To the trampling of his hooves

Then the sun would rise up cold

On a trail of bodies hewn


Well he met his match in Oenghus

That handsome soldier man

Who bore the crack of that horse whip

So boldly he did laugh

The Horseman wheeled in shock

To be forced to strike a twice

For none yet living ever bore

The cold kiss of his splice


That old Horseman he turned about 

And bore his demon grin

Then shed his riding overcloak

All made of human skin

The soldier turned on his boot heel

And cursed that demon’s hide

Next time I’ll face you sober

And one of us will die


He quickly fled unto the town

Of Red Crow Mountain old

There he gathered up a warband

Bearing pikes and slings and stones

It’s long past time that madman

Lay sleeping on our blade

So follow men if ye be bold

We’ll lay him in his grave


That maid that had been scorned 

By the drunken soldier’s tongue

Saddled up her father’s horse

And leather cloak put on

She rode straight from the townyard

Through forests she rode out

And led them on a merry chase

To old Lake Dragonmouth


A hundred fifty corpses

Lay upon the shore

Every one a woman dead

Some long since turned to bone

That maiden there dismounted

And to the night she cried

Come Horseman to my aid

Come slay these men this night


That warband came upon her

And there they struck her down

Mistaking her by moonlight

For the Horseman on his mount

The soldier struck the mortal blow

That took her pretty head

One more corpse was piled

On the mound of women dead


Oh that Horseman riding hard

Rode those bastards down

Not a blade could touch his skin

No stone could cut his brow

Every man of warring age

That rode forth to the fight

Lost his life and skin

Except the soldier man that night


As there they stood among the dead

The Horseman finally spoke

So raspy did his voice come

Like a demon’s from his throat

Bold man I’ve struck you once

But I’ll not strike you more

It’s living you’ll be taken 

To the ship upon the shore


And as the moonlight burst

From behind its bed of cloud

A ship emerged from mists

On the Lake of Dragonmouth 

The Horseman’s whip did snap

And grab the soldier by the leg

Dragged he was onto that ship

That took him off into his grave


In the town of Red Crow Mountain

They lock their doors by night

And when a storm does cut ’em sore

They hear the Horseman ride

None leave their home by moonlight

For fear he’ll ride ’em down

Or worse still grab ’em up

And ship ’em off on Lake Dragonmouth



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