Second Edition of the Book Now Available

The Second Edition of my book is now available on Amazon and Kindle. As with the first edition, if you buy the paperback book you can download the Kindle edition for free. Signed copies are now on preorder at


What’s new in this edition?

-Although I initially put a lot of work into correcting typos and grammar mistakes, many slipped past my gaze. This edition is much more polished grammatically and is more clearly expressed than the first edition.

-I have always been disappointed by the cover of the first edition, which had to be rushed due to technical issues. The new cover is of a much higher quality, and was designed by Tatianna Marotta, who also provided some of the artwork in the Woodkern essay.

-New content includes the essay “Mogh Roth: the Techno-God”, the poem “Hail Caesar”, and the poem “Cuchaillain Dead”.

The first edition of this book was very well received and I thank you all for your support. If you would like to continue to support my work, please leave an honest review on the Amazon page for the book.

Lastly, since beginning to write under the “Unchaining The Titan” brand a few years ago I have worked under the pseudonym “Megas Begadonos”. This pen-name has outlived its use and I hereby abandon it. This work and all subsequent books will be published under my birth name, Paul Begadon. Rest assured, there are many other books, essays, and apparel in the works, despite my noticeable decline in social media activity.





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