Hail Caesar

“Hail Caesar” called noble Brutus,

Then he pierced him with his blade.

And many grey haired Roman men

Did smile at Caesar slain,

And many Gallic mothers wept

With joy to hear the word

That Caesar soaked the senate floor

Full red with Roman blood.

For in the woods which made men mad

Were mounds of Gallic skulls

Who’d spoken with Caesar in

The only tongue he understood.

What gallant blood did soak the soil

In far Gaul’s ancient groves,

Now paid in kind these bitter Ides

When Caesar died in Rome.

Far to the north across the seas

Upon white chalky cliffs

There burned full high a funeral pyre

Of wood from Caesar’s ships.

And to the south beneath

A cruel sun that never slept,

There wept behind high palace walls

A maid with babe at breast.

In years to come men whispered

Caesar’s name with Roman pride.

But as a man is born to rise

He’s also born to die.

Ides of March MMXVII


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