Mogh Roth: The Techno-God

It’s been awhile since I’ve published any new content, but rest assured that the creative process hasn’t stopped. Since publishing the book I’ve been writing articles, designing apparel, and writing songs that I plan to record.

You can find my latest article on the Operation Werewolf website at the link below.


4 thoughts on “Mogh Roth: The Techno-God

  1. I walk through heavily foot trafficked areas every day. The vast majority of people walk around while staring at their phones. I sometimes catch a glimpse of their screens. They are reading neither Homer nor Thucydides. They are either checking Facebook, checking Instagram, or texting about their Facebook and Instagram posts.

    Those who are not staring at their phones rarely acknowledge anyone else’s presence. They desperately try to avoid all forms of communication with others, even eye contact and a nod good morning.

    What does this behavior mean? What does it foreshadow? I am no prophet. I can only assert that I feel an ever increasing pathos of distance as the days pass.

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